dinsdag 5 april 2016

Interview Lotje Verherbrugge

Lotje Verherbrugge


Name: Lotje Verherbrugge.Piercer at Gekko Tattoos Terneuzen (NL)

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?Always ready to help others.

How long have you been a piercer?Been a piercer since September 2014, so one and a half year now.

Why this profession?When I was 14, my Dad started tattooing and after a while he opened his own shop together with his brother. I found it to be super cool and wanted the learn piercing so I could work together with my Dad. But since I lived on the other side of Holland, I had to put the idea on the back-burner. 
I moved to the same city after a while and when the piercer by dad hired left, the idea came back to me and started learning to become a piercer.

How or from who did you learn your skills?I started a piercing course, did a lot of piercings, learned about the different materials and the piercing spots. But most of all I learned it myself, and I'm still learning. When in need, I ask colleagues who have more years of experience.

The first piercing you did was a?While learning the Helix was my first, my first one at the studio was a nose piercing.

Who or what inspires you?The human body inspires me, the diversity and the possibility to adorn them.People also inspire me, I love the people who are nerveus and excited to get a piercing and after a little talk, how at ease they are in my chair. It gives me a great feeling!

Can you tell me something about your workplace?I work at my Dad's studio as floormanager/desk and piercer. It's a cosy, friendly and warm studio, a lot of purple and good music, candles and incense. The separate piercing room is all white and steriele with a door for privacy.
Which piercing do you prefer to do?
I like to do ear piercings, but not the common ones, the less chosen ones. I have a poster in the room with different ear piercing spots, so people can see beyond the traditional Tragus and Helix. It does help s
ometimes. I also like to work with the punch.

What's the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and think it would help other starters in this industry?I still see myself as a starter, but my advice would be: Be patient and take your time for the placement.

Do you have a nice or weird experience as a piercer you want to share with us?Not that I know off or pops in to my head. It's all been reasonable normal.

Does your work involve more then just piercing?Like I said earlier, desk and floormanager and everything what comes along with helping clients.
How do you see yourself in 5 years?
More developed, but I'm also busy with another project besides piercing and hopefully within 5 years I'll be doing both.
Do you have a tip or do you want to add something to this interview?
I still see enough people with misplaced piercings. If you are not sure about the placement, then just don't do it!


-Answers and photo's: Lotje Verherbrugge
-Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 108/April 2016