vrijdag 4 november 2016

Never stop learning (APP2017)

In my fourth year as a professional piercer now,
I still consider myself as a rookie.
For years I look up to the masters in this industry, not only because they are so much more experienced, but also because many of them have made this industry possible, or others have again improved it in techniek, material, sharing experiences to others, caring for the public health and more.

I have really found my passion, and want to do this in the best way as possible. It takes a lot more then a 3 day (not recognized) course, or at home practicing on friends with cheap materials. If this really is your passion, then you will want to know and learn everything about it.

In this profession you never stop learning, rules, techniques, materials and types change. It is therefore important to stay informed, keep up. This can be done by following workshops, shadow others, network. or you can visit the annual BMXnet (body modification exchange network) in Germany.

No body is the same, so no piercing is the same, this makes the job just so fun, you keep learning time and time again, and getting experiences on doing, you recognize the places and know what fits better with the person, or what maybe can get a problem later on.
Your advices are longer and the troubleshooting is getting shorter.

Are you such a piercer? inquisitive? Then I must recommend this, as you may know, I was one of the lucky ones last summer that was selected for a scholarship to the Conference of the APP 2016 in the USA for me it was really one of the highlights of my career, an experience to remember.

That is why I keep saying, even though you're just getting started as a piercer or have many years of experience, do not doubt , but do it, your worth it !

Until december 18th you can enrol for the Al.D.scholarschip for the APP Conference 2017 on June 11th till 16th. Click on the link below to subscribe:


Al.D scholarschip:
-free Conference pass including all required classes that you want to follow
-free ticket banquet dinner
-free shared hotel room for all the nights

All they ask in return is to help as a volunteer, what I personally liked very much to do, and it also gives you more of a behind the scenes look, it is a great team.

If you want to know more or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me

about the Conference itself : http://www.safepiercing.org/learn/conference/
about/BMXnet Conference: http://www.bmxnet.org/

Angie contact: info@modernbodystudio.nl

Text Angie
Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 115 November 2016