maandag 29 februari 2016

Report with Bruno BMA

Body Modification Report

Bruno BMA
Amsterdam, March 22nd 2015. I'm at Classic Ink & Mods for my first on location report. We were a little early, but let in by Eva the floor manager. Always nice to visit other studios!

Classic Ink & Mods is a cosy studio, which you would not expect at first glance. It has more space than expected with two floors. 

On this day Bruno BMA from Italy was guest artist. A well-known person in the world of Body Modification and Suspension. You can book him for, traditional scarification, branding, implants like magnets, NFC and silicone, tongue splitting, reconstruction of ear and intimate. The possibilities are endless.

Shortly after us, Bruno arrived. After he was settled in and unpacked on the top floor, and due to cancelation of his first appointment, he had all the time for me and I could ask anything I wanted.

Doesn't he look good
Shortly after our interview, his second appointment came in, Sandor a young man who wanted an implant.Why an implant? Sandor: "It starts with piercings and tattoos and after seeing on TV, I also wanted a tongue splitting. After that I wanted more. It's beautiful and I have been waiting for years to be able to do this."

After figuring out the right silicone implant, a nice star form, Bruno began to prepare for the procedure. Efficient, everything hygienic, all sterilized packed instruments and even Bruno himself looked like a professional surgeon.

After the implant was sterilized, Sandor took place in the treatment chair after, he firmly cleaned his hands and Bruno marked the place where the star would come out most beautiful. Because Sandors hand was tattooed and Bruno didn't want to damage the tattoo, he explained to Sandor that he would cut  from the side for the implant insertion.

Bruno began to make a cut on the side and gently created space under the skin  for the silicone. Because of the marked spot on the hand, he could push the silicone on the desired location. When satisfied on the location of the silicone, he stitched the cut neatly and carefully. Sandor had a huge smile on his face during the entire process and felt absolutely nothing. The hand was wrapped in bandages and Bruno told him about the aftercare.

Smiling Sandor
implant after 3 months
Three months after,  I contacted Sandor to see how the recovery went. Sandor: "Think I had some  pain for a week or so. My fingers were thic
k and turned blue. It was hard to lift or move my fingers and was experiencing some tingling. But I feel no pain these days, but it it's a weird feeling if you touch it. No pain, just weird. All in all, I am very happy with it and I know I'll be getting more in the future".

I like express my gratitude to Bruno and Sandor for letting me sit in on the procedure. It was very interesting to watch, to see the possibilities and different types of implants, It got me inspired and next year I'll be on Bruno's agenda for getting a micro implant myself! :)

Bruno & Me
Facebook : Bruno BMA
Bruno Body Mod Art

-photo's : BrunoBMA & Angie
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 100 /augustus 2015

zondag 28 februari 2016

Interview Bart Bastiaanse


Bart Bastiaanse
Owner and piercer at Tribal Trading Tilburg (NL)

Describe yourself in 1 sentence?
Pain is not importent, only results counts and anything goes

How long have you been piercer?
I pierce since 1998

Why this profession?
Before I became a piercer, I had an import bussinus in jewelry, which I bought from Indian tribes. The interest in piercing jewelry was already there. Piercing scene in America was already big, but not mainstream but a living scene. I was caught up in this scene and it's  rarities. Back in Holland I was determined to learn the skills and open a shop.

How did you learn the trade?
I've been searching for a good piercer, but that wasn't easy, to find a good piercer in those days. Via via I found a professional female piercer who taught me the basics, after that full with excitemend I opened up a shop and started.

What was your first piercing you pierced?
My first I ever did, not counting all the stabs I did on myself was a inner conch piercing on my friend. soon after that they let me pierce alone, and I did pierce everything who came in, slowly I learned more and got more skills.

Who or what inspires you?
My big example is Steve Haworth, I took some workshops from him to learn some techniques
He is a man with a mission. Piercing is something you don't just do extra, but it is a call and a profession.

Can you tell something about your studio/ workplace?

I work in a cosy small studio together with my tattoo artist Shennaki.
I have a separate piercing space, with a door, some piercings are intimate or clients like there privacy so I can close it. It's nice to have your own space, and clients appreciate that.

What kind of piercing do you prefer to do?
I pierce everything what they ask, if I find some piercing as risk I discuss it with the client, and they decide to choose to go further with it. But I like to do almost every piercing. I also give piercing shows for big conventions like Frankfurt,Brussel,Barcelona, ... It's very fun to do, people who are amazed, disgusting or enjoy your special creations. and it is a nice switch of the daily job. But sometimes I get people come in with the weirdest ideas, that I have to think over, a challenge that gives your work something extra.

Do You have a separate story or experience you'd like to share?
Have enough stories, but the great thing about piercings, is that almost everyone walks out with a smile and is happy. After the frightened and nerve-racking moments before eventually everyone is happy again, that remains a special feeling.

A very nice experience was, I went to Mexico for a few months, in the Pacific on the coast working as a piercer in a tattoo shop. Great to be in a different culture to be able to do your thing!

Does your work involves more then just piercing?
In the shop I rule all posts and mails of the tattoo artists. So piercer/floor manager is the best description. Further I organise a regular piercing course, for people who want to learn or want to box training in certain things. 

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Somewhere on a mountain in the Azores, "minding my own business" haha

Do you have a tip or do you want to add something to this interview
Go for piercings to a real piercer. Cheap jewelry shops in the city are no piercers, they give wrong advice and that often leads to problems. It is your body, be good to it.

-Answers and photos: Bart Bastiaanse
Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 100 /augustus 2015