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Urban Legend

Urban Legend

white wire
In Japan (1980) there was a scare story going around that children fear.
That a teenage girl after much bitching at her parents got permission for earlobe piercings, with the money that she got from her parents she didn't go to a jeweler to have her earlobes pierced. she put the money in her pocket, and together with the help of a friend, she heated a large needle and made the holes her self. she felt a horrible pain, but now she could wear earrings, and was some extra money richer.
A few days later she was at school, when she started feeling pain in her left ear. Her earlobe began to itch, and during the break she went to the toilet to look in the mirror, her earlobe was flaming red and she started to scratch. When she went to look closer to the mirror she saw a piece of white thread coming out of the hole, she found it very strange, and started tho pull it and, after a few minutes there was a very long piece of white thread from her earhole, turned out to be no end.
After a while they picked up a pair of scissors and cut the white wire. And all of a sudden everything went black, she could no longer see. She was rushed to the emergency room of the hospital, where she was checked by a doctor. The doctor was shocked after being told what had happened. And the doctor replies "Sorry, but you will remain blind for the rest of your life, that white thread, that was your optic nerve"

The Prince Albert
Piercing is named after Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, the consort of Queen Victoria. The story reads: One wearing during that time to the courts very tight maillot pants and with this piercing the penis could be secured in the left or right leg so that there is no bulge visible in the crotch region

Another story is, that he had it used to hold his socks up?!!

Pirates and Sailors
Some pirates were convinced that if you wore an earring it would improve your eye vision or even give you health. they believed that there was magical healing power in the material.

Another story says that it helped against seasickness, others saw it as talisman, and that they wouldn't drown. one thing was sure, earrings of silver or gold had enough value to pay for a sailor's grave or tombstone, if you washed up on the coast. Some even engraved the name of family from home, so that the message and money would be sent to relatives. Also it reduced the chance if you died on the ship, that your earring funded the transport to the port instead of to be buried at sea


Interview Emmie Velders

Emmie Velders
I'm an entrepreneur in body piercing known as Soesha

Discribe yourself in 1 sentence?
I'am easy to adapt, with a lot of energy and a good sense of humor.

How long have you been piercer?
I have set up my one-man shop in July 2009 as body piercer, after successfully completing my apprenticeship. For me this was the first step towards realizing my dream job.

Why this profession?
Body piercing is for me at a very early age (7 years I think, perhaps earlier) a deep passion. My parents are travelers and preferably of Africa, I also lived as a child (4.5 years in Congo Brazzaville) but we also went to Kenya and Tanzania.
My father always had wonderful books about the continent, where superb photographs and portraits were in there of different ethnic groups with all types of body Modification such as Scarification, Branding, stretching and piercing. Rooted my interest for piercing.
I got earrings when I was 10 years old, on my 16th I got a nose piercing. Also later several earrings in cartilage, on my 18th I took a lip piercing I was obsessed.

How did you learn the trade?

By the book RE/search # 21: Modern Primitives, I saw that the body decorations they do in Africa also been done in the Western world, there it starts. I'm actually more or less a self-taught, I have educated myself in the theory by asking questions, but essentially not to get the answers of who I expected to have or to give , namely professional body piercers. Because it is very difficult to find a training or work to become a piercer I'm actually doing everything independently and learn what I can and then yet without actually doing the Act.

I read magazines about tattoo, piercing and body modification such as Bizarre Magazine, Tattoo Planet, Total Tattoo. I did search/examine the legislation around this in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. I have my FIRST AID diploma, books on anatomy, Physiology and pathology etc.

Through my website I was called by bodycult asking if I wanted to come learn the job with them, of course I seized that opportunity with both hands.
Of whom I have then actually learned to pierce? I think that is actually tricky because I don't feel like I have learned to be a piercer" because learning never stops, I still feel like a rookie, even after 6 years of experience. But I have a apprenticeship done under Claire Eddie at Body cult, and I read and watch a lot about other piercers and try as much as possible to look when I get the chance.

What was your first piercing you pierced ?
As a self-employed person? After my training, the first day that I worked unattended,
I have pierced a helix piercing to a parent (rock 'n roll type). He was a great and very friendly man, I think he got wind that I was nervous I mean, I felt so embarrassed, I remember that my hand was shaking and did breathing exercises that got me quiet again befor I actually put the needle through his cartilage.

Who or what inspires you?
I do not really have an Idol, every day I learn about pioneers in this world and they fascinate me all in a different way. Jim Ward, Fakir Musafar, Elayne Angel, Steve Haworth ... are the big ones, especially the famous of the world, I read a lot of and over them and that inspires me because they are the founders and I would always like to know where something is coming from. Therefore, I also get a lot of inspiration from ethnic groups who use it as standard in their culture. the Maasai, the Fulanis in Nigeria.
Off the top of my head I am now a big fan of Lucas by Pirate Piercing Belgium

Can you tell something about your studio / workplace?
I've been working at Body cult, but at this point I'm looking for a new place together with my mascot Gollum of Lord of the rings, (poor soul is still looking for his ring). He is always there for big and small, laugh or to support to ease the tension of a new piercing.

What kind of piercing do you prefer to do?
The more exactly, the more fun, Septum, cartilage piercings, intimate, surface anchors, but actually I don't really have a favorite, the reaction of the people I have rejoiced with a new piercing does it for me.

What is the best advice you've ever received as a novice piercer, and want to give assistance to other who start in this industry?
Continue to learn, stay yourself. If you don't, you're probably not save in this industry. It really should be your passion, your reason to get up in the morning, or not to be able to sleep at night:

You have a separate story or experience you'd like to share?
Good question: there was once a girl who was so happy with her new piercing that moments later they came back with flowers, another time a woman came up with a message on a greetingcard. Those are things actually not necessary, but of course, it is always very nice to notice that they are happy, and want to thank me that way. But I also got punched in the face by a boy, who came in for a tongue piercing, was no fun, though odd, he got thrown out the studio friendly with his money in his pocket without a new piercing

Does your work involves more than just piercing?
I maintain a website/piercing-info database about body
piercing and I also recently opened a
I work daily at it so that people can find all the right answers to
their questions.

How do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to have my own piercing studio, I dream of an ambulatory studio.
But I play a lot lately with the idea to work in renowned Studios abroad, learning and working with piercers that I admire. Also, I would really like to learn bodymodification, that would be great, and I do like learning

Do you have a tip or want to add something to this interview?
Body piercing is something special, mysterious and so it's a nice kind of craft and that is beautiful. but the downside is that there is a lot of confusion and bad information that can be found on bodypiercings, also the control of the process is limited, but there is the right information but is not for the taking. so piercers and pierced question! second opinion is free
-Answers and photo's: Emmie Velders-
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 99 juni/juli 2015

Story behind a known piercer /mod artist

Cody Vaughn
Story behind a known piercer / modartist

Cody Vaughn:

At the age of thirteen years old I saw nipple piercings for the first time while watching a music video on MTV (back when they used to play music). It was by far the coolest, weirdest, sexual and most taboo thing I had ever seen. I had to have mine pierced.
I would call every studio within fifty miles of me once a week, asking if they’d pierce my nipples. Even though this was before California had any regulations for body piercing, everybody turned me down. Nobody wanted to pierce a thirteen year old's nipples, thankfully.
On my eighteenth birthday I was eagerly waiting outside a piercing studio ten minutes before they opened. I got my nipples pierced and from there on fell in love with body piercing.
Throughout my late teens and early twenties I still carried that love for body piercing, but it never occurred to me to ever pierce others. I just enjoyed having it done to myself. 

While hanging out at a studio one day I asked where their piercer was at. They informed me he had quit a few days ago. I have no idea why, but without really thinking I asked if they were looking for an apprentice. And just like that, I was an apprentice body piercer.
After a few years I considered myself a great piercer. Unfortunately I also lived in a little bubble with no interactions with other piercers. I stumbled upon and started to interact online with other piercers. I quickly realized everything I thought I knew and thought I was doing so well was quite simply terrible.
I attended The Fakir Intensives in San Francisco, a week long workshop that provides some basic fundamentals for body piercing. After that I began networking with more piercers, attended more workshops and the annual Association of Professional Piercers conference.
Once I felt I was on the right track and offering quality, safe body piercings, my goals as a professional piercer were to one day be an instructor for The Fakir Intensives, become an APP member, serve as a board member for The APP and eventually open my own piercing studio.
It’s been eleven years now and I’m happy to say I have accomplished all of those initial goals. 

In 2009 I became a member of The APP and immediately started volunteering on The Membership Committee, then later on the Social Media and Outreach Committee.
In 2010 I became a full time instructor for The Fakir Intensives, which was pretty surreal considering the people I consider to have been my biggest influences in helping guide me as a body piercer were now people I got to work side by side with.
In 2013 I opened my studio in my hometown of Monterey, California. Vaughn Body Arts is the first and only studio in Monterey County dedicated exclusively to body piercing.
In 2014 I was elected and began my term as Vice President for The Association of Professional Piercers.

I honestly don’t know what I’d be doing for a living had I not fallen into body piercing, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without the amazing friendships I have made along the way thanks to body piercing. This community has given so much to me, so I’m trying my best to keep giving as much back as I can.

-Text and photo's : Cody Vaughn
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 99 juni/juli 2015
Cody & me APP2016 Las Vegas

Interview Fred Verbeek


Fred Verbeek
owner studio Tattoo Place 31 in Zwaag & Sneek (NL)

Discribe yourself in 1 sentence?
I'am a friendly cuddle bear with humor

How long have you been piercer?
Doing it for 5 years

Why this profession?
I do this because I enjoy it and like to work with people. And like to see they are content and happy with the piercing.

How did you learn the trade?
I have followed a course to learn piercing

What was your first piercing you pierced ?
First piercing was a earlobe

Who or what inspires you?The customers who come and come back for another piercing

Can you tell something about your studio / workplace?I have 2 studio's one in Zwaag and one in Sneek

What kind of piercing do you prefer to do?
I enjoy doing the tongue piercing

What is the best advice you've ever received as a novice piercer, and want to give assistance to other who start in this industry?
Always stay calm then you notice that the customer is also calm

Does your work involves more than just piercing?
I do the bookings of clients for tattoos and piercings and cleaning stations. My wife Esther is the finance manager

You have a separate story or experience you'd like to share?
I often have clients who are so happy that they give me a hug and are dying for the mirror of joy

How do you see yourself in five years?
That I'm still having a lot of fun with this two thriving business
-Answers and photo's : Fred Verbeek-
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 98 mei 2015

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Piercings improvement you do usually because you like it, to beautify your appearance.
But piercings can also be an improvement. Also, I have a piercing
in order to improve and I was wondering if more piercings are used for improvement rather than just sexually.

Nipple piercing by Angie
Best known is putting piercings in intimate places, which can
promote or even improve your sex life.

Personally, I have a nipple piercing set for a reason.
After I had undergone breast reduction, I suffered from
a flat nipple which was hardly hard, there was
only one tip visible for example in a t-shirt. Now with a piercing I've got two visible nipples.
You can fix a flat or inverted nipple by surgery, but with a piercing, this is not just cheaper but also a sensual solution.

Permanent acupuncture, it has not been proven but there are people who have had a piercing put on the places / points for acupuncture, in order to always maintain  your chi (balance).
For example in the middle of your chest, your ribs, to reduce chronic anxiety attacks. Or the earlobe, to promote weight loss.
Again, it is not proven, but there are "success story's" to find about this.

Tongue piercing as a joystick, a fascinating invention and a tremendous solution for people with high spinal cord injuries to operate their wheelchairs.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 98 mei 2015

Story behind a known piercer/mod artist

Years ago when I made the choice to become a piercer, I 've search the internet for information, to learn more and in my journey I met many inspiring people, who helped me on my way, my network grow and I consider them my friends. Most of them are known in this world, and I would like to introduce you to them. they tell you there own story.

The story behind a known piercer/modartist

My name is Sean Dowdell, I have been piercing since 1995.
I was originally taught by a guy named Derek Vosten but
learned most of my current piercing skill set through my
own attrition and other piercers sharing information. 

Sean founded Club Tattoo in 1995 as well and currently
has 6 studios worldwide in Arizona (3), Las Vegas (2),
and San Francisco (1). He is regarded as one of the most
successful tattoo and piercing shop owners in the world.

Sean, currently has received 2 patents for Jewelry design for his Micro-dermal anchor design in 2007; which has sold over 1 million units since it's licensing deal with Jewelry Manufacturer Metal Mafia, and in 2014 another for his captive groove slide mechanism. He has invented tooling for the piercing industry such as a new tongue forceps, and Apadravya/Ampallang forceps as well. In 2008, he invented a software product that is being widely adopted in the tattoo and piercing industry called Interactive Tattoo with his partner Cristin Davis. 

Sean was the first piercer to pierce a corset and started an entire movement in the piercing industry with it. He has become known for his micro-dermal anchor piercings & projects, custom ear piercing projects, along with great photography of his work and getting published in well over 200 magazines worldwide.

He teaches piercing technique courses since 2007, all over the United States and Europe and is considered to be one of the top body piercers in the world. His seminars have attracted as many as 250 other piercers wanting to learn from him at one time. His seminars became so popular that he put out 2 instructional DVD's on the market and is currently working on a genital DVD & digital downloads for sale to the piercing industry as well (slated for release in 2015).

In 2010, Sean co-developed with Metal Mafia and MicroSan- a skin Antiseptic called E2t, when the market was left with a void from a product that was pulled from the shelves called Technicare. Technicare had been removed from shelves when the FDA discovered food grade thickening agents in it's product and far less than percentage of Chloroxylenol than claimed on it's label. Sean worked for over a year to develop a product that was better and safer for the industry than the Technicare product that the industry had become to rely on.

Sean looks up to many other piercers in the piercing industry such as Jim Ward (the father of Modern Piercing Movement), Steve Joyner, Chris Jennell, Fakir, Rob Hill, and many more. He respects all forms of piercing and thinks that each piercer has something to offer in the form of knowledge. 

Sean uses many different jewelry manufacturers in his studios including BVLA, Anatometal, industrial Strength, Maya, Metal Mafia, Flaming Bones, Leroi, Tawapa and more. He loves to fill his studios with the highest quality jewelry possible, and is borderline OCD with making sure that his studios have the largest selection as well.

Sean likes to travel to Europe and Mexico in his spare time and create new jewelry items, tools and procedures. He loves to spend time with his wife Thora, and their 2 sons Brennen and Carston. Out of everything that Sean has accomplished, his family is the most important thing in his life, without them the success would mean nothing.

-Text and photo's : Sean Dowdell
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 98 mei 2015

Sean & me APP2016 Las Vegas

Interview Pollet Yannick


Pollet Yannick
Agent at Kingpin Brugge centrum (B)

Discribe yourself in 1 sentence:
Spontaneous, honest and happy to be not normal

How long have you been piercer?
by now for 7 years

Why this profession?
I'm actually rolled in it, we already have a Tattoo & Piercing case. After the present piercer had to leave the matter, I have taught the trade gradually accumulated knowledge.

How did you learn the trade?
I learned the profession by attending courses / seminars with a few foreign piercers. I also attended some medical schools to teach the existing nursing techniques.

What was your first piercing you pierced ?
My first piercing was a Helix piercing.

Who or what inspires you?
Sean Dowdell is a piercer from Las Vegas, he is an inspiration to every piercer. Both on a professional and human level he is top notch.

Can you tell something about your studio / workplace?
After moving to the city our shop was fully equipped for our needs. Our experience taught us that certain things work were relaxed. The rooms have the necessary content and are clean. The reception area and shop again accessible and open

What kind of piercing do you prefer to do?
 My absolute favorite is the Helix (pinna) why I do not know, I just love to do this. Maybe because it was my first one I did alone.

What is the best advice you've ever received as a novice piercer, and want to give assistance to other who start in this industry?
Make sure you have sufficient medical knowledge. That you always keep in mind that you should put a piercing like it's your first. Hold high self discipline and always follow the novelties.

Does your work involves more than just piercing? Yes, I do the desk for the tattoo appointments and close the sale in the store, from our wide range of jewelry and clothing.

How do you see yourself in five years? I hope I still have the same job exercise.

Do you have a tip or want to add something to this interview?
We are a team always ready to fulfill your wishes, always ask all the information you need to know. If you are with peace of mind a piercing shows places usually saves a whole suit.

-Answers and photo's : Yannick Pollet-
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 96 maart 2015

I want a piercing

I want a piercing

Before you get a piercing, there are a few things you should consider and pay attention to. First, you need thoroughly thought through your decision to get a piercing and even the place of the piercing. Because when you have the piercing, what will  your area think of it, your parents, friends, family. Can you wear this piercing at work?, what are the regulations  at work? or are you still a student, think about applying for jobs later in life. Piercings give scars!
Legally, you may  have a piercing at the age of 12 ( Holland), with the consent and presence of a parent or guardian. Under 12 years only the  earlobe piercing is allowed. Yet most piercing studio's have their own rules and pierce only from the age of  14  or 16 years, intimate piercings are  legally allowed from the age of 18 in Holland.

How to find a piercing shop?
Just like taking a tattoo, it is  wisely to look carefully at who you let you pierce. Does this shop work Hygienic, do they work with good materials, keeps the studio clean, do they work sterile, on you will find a list of studios with a permit.
On the internet you can find the most shops in your area, most  will have a website where you can find all information about the shop. You can view photos, read reviews etc. The more extensive the website, the more you discover about the shop and the way they work.
The disadvantage of the internet is, if you seek further about piercings you get videos and stories to good but mostly about bad experiences. This can sometimes deter, or give you even more anxiety to get a piercing. It's  important that you consider whether you go to a reputable piercer or just a piercer. It is your body!

Once you have made the choice about the kind of piercing, the place of your piercing and which shop you let it done, it is wise to prepare before, drink no alcohol, make sure you are fit, a small snack pre the procedure will help reduce dizziness occurs afterwards.
Comfortable clothing if you want to be pierced under your clothes, make sure it is not too tight or if there is a belt in the way.

A piercer will always tell you in advance the necessary information and will answer all your questions, you also have to sign a consent form. It is important that you feel at ease,
When nervous the piercer will talk  you at ease. Piercer will not pierce you without your consent, be clear if you do not agree with the position of the drawn dot. Consult with the piercer, and be prepared that some piercings can not be done, every body is different also in shape, anatomy. The piercer will explain everything step by step what he / she is going to do for the piercing. During and after the piercing you get advice, and you receive a form with  aftercare.
It is now up to you to take care of your piercing, hygiene is of great importance, follow the aftercare guidelines to enjoy your new piercing long.
Your piercer will be available after for contact, when you have questions or troubleshooting about the piercing.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 96 maart 2015

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Modern body piercing

Modern Body Piercing

Nowadays body piercing is considered as a form of personal expression. Almost everyone has in some way increased their body appearance, for self-esteem or quality. The phenomenon is so pervasive that housewives, policemen and school teachers  wears a tongue, navel, nipple or other piercing (though you never know, if they not tell.) Millions of people are already pierced, and countless more are thinking about taking a piercing or have relatives, colleagues or friends  with piercings.

Multiple piercings
Today piercing is much more than just a ring through the earlobe,  where there is  a bit folding, flap of skin sitting, it's just waiting for a piercing. There are many places possible for a piercing, so many choices of jewelry, sizes and materials, and different sorts of piercing modification.
Multiple piercings in the body may look wrong in the eyes of the society, but people bring the art of piercing increasingly to extreme levels, which have never been exhibited before. Body piercing belongs to the group of Tattooing, Scarification, Branding and other body art. These groups are referred to Body Modification.
Body modification
Translation: Changing one's body in order to beautify or better it, Adorn ... Personally, I find the word "body beautification" better and sounds better, translated into Dutch!
This word doesn't sound weird  as "body modifications". Because in most cases, it decorate your body by improving, art or a piece of jewelry. Body Modification, has been performed for centuries by culture, tradition and religion.

Under Body Modification "deliberately altering one's physical appearance," most people think in the sense of tattoos and piercings, but also bodybuilding and cosmetic surgery is covered by the word, which rarely society finds as shocking.

Piercing and tattoos, are generally well accepted in this time, tattooed arm or an earring is the most common, shocking and taboo still is if it is put in other places than usual.
Branding and scarification is considerably less popular than tattoos, yet it is becoming more common, and offered in more studios.
A tattoo is more about the art of the artist, in a Scarification or branding it is more about the result after healing, everyone's skin is different and heals differently.
Implants, not only known as cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, there are studio's who  offers this service to  place an object under the skin, genital beads  are the most common but also micro dermals . Nowadays tremendous progress is here and has becoming increasingly popular.
Hardcore Modification falls under the ear pointing, tongue splitting and genital modifications. The unusual modification performed by the true lovers of Body Modification.

Rolf Buchholz, Guinness book of
record holder most piercings

Beautifying has been around as long as man lives with his rich and fascinating history. And  despite the social contempt on modifications, even the most varied styles, it is becoming more acceptable every day. Behind the execution of these treatments it is constantly being perfected and refined by the concerned professional artists.
Through the associations and meetings, the education promotes the artists to learn new techniques and skills, provide customers with better information about the risks, benefits and healing and the best way to safely obtain the desired modification.
In this way, new ideas and techniques reality, traditionally adapted and perfected.

But if you look at today's society is that almost everyone has some kind of form of Body Modification.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 95 februari 2015

donderdag 17 september 2015



My name is Angie and proud owner of a little piercing and tattoo studio in Middelburg, The Netherlands.

I've worked for 18+ years as a manager in a family business, but it never was the career I wanted. So after the owner retired in 2012, I took the opportunity to start doing what I love. After re-educating myself and working as an apprentice at our local tattoo studio, I opened my own studio in 2013.

When I started out, I noticed there was very little information about body modification in The Netherlands. Because of my love of the industry, I wanted to be up to date,  know more with everything involving body modification. But by living in the south-west  corner of The Netherlands, that can be challenging! Not being able to visit other colleagues or conventions that frequently to share information, even though I know there is so much more to learn.

When Dutch magazine 'Tattoo Planet' offered me a position to write for their magazine, it gave me the extra boost to look and find more information. Body modification has so many various aspects that I would like to explain. What is the latest trend and news, latest on hygiene, which jewelry, how is it done, the do's and don'ts, the rules, who is the person behind the needle and what experience or story do they have. I for one enjoy my work everyday and in this job you never stop learning, right?

This way I hope and try to get piercing more in the open in The Netherlands and Belgium, by keeping you up to date on what's going on in this beautiful world called body modification.

So my question is, is there something you want to know more of, do you have ideas/suggestions you like to see in the magazine or do you have a client for scarification for example and he/she would like to be part of the magazine? Just send me an email and who knows, it might turn up in the next issue!

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 95 februari 2015