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Type 4 Part 2

Change the law on FGM!

This campaign/petition, seeks to correct UK government's misrepresentation of adult women choosing to have genital body piercing as "female genital mutilation" (FGM).

Controlling an adult UK woman's sovereignty over her own body is both unfair and sexist.

We demand immediate clarification in the laws and policies around the issue of FGM.

Popular western adult female practices such as professional body piercing, cosmetic surgery and beauty treatment were never intended to be the target of United Nations' campaign against third world traditional people's practices of female genital mutilation on young girls.

As individuals who love adorning and modifying their bodies and as consenting adults, this is your decision to make we should not be labelled as a victim of FGM you haven't already head on over to:…/5…/522/047/fga-freedom-now/

Sign and share, make all the Public aware.

This is completely and utterly preposterous that women in 2016 are being told by law that they do not have the right to choose what they want to do with their own bodies. I as a body piercer am completely in support of the rest of the law about FGM, and think it is horrific what some young women are put through. Forcibly having their genitals cut/burnt/removed etc.....
So how come in 2016 the law is now criminalising people who are running a legitimate business, who are registered to pierce parts of people's anatomy? How is it fair that a male who wants to add piercings to his genitals is allowed but a woman has no personal choice in this matter anymore? I completely agree that FGM law should be upheld, however to take away the consenting choice of women to have a piercing for themselves is completely sexist and goes against our human rights of free will and free choice.

Why should a government body be in charge of what a woman wants to do with her own body ? Why should I as a body piercer have to give up part of my legitimate business?

Something needs to be done to change this law to exclude body piercing, as it completely belittles the awful and horrific trauma that genuine sufferers have gone through.

Please sign and share this far and wide. This petition isnt just about my business, it's about standing up to the nanny state that is taking away a womans right to choose what she does with her own body, whilst still allowing males to have free choice.

If we want to talk about human rights let's start there..... No one should be told that they are not allowed free choice of their own body. This has nothing to do with abuse and it completely undermines the whole purpose of passing a law that is supposed to protect women. This aspect doesnt protect anyone it just simply removes free choice for women and this is unacceptable in 2016.

Whether you want a piercing in your genital region or not everyone should sign this as it is more to do with how the governing bodies are now trying to remove a womans free choice.

On top of this what is going to happen to the women who want this piercing done and cant find someone to do it for them? They may try to do it themselves and this could end in disaster.

So piercers/body artists/ beauticians and women and men around the world please unite with me to help portray these facts to the governing bodies.

It is completely unfair to class something that is upto an individual as FGM and taking away the womans right to give consent. There are women around the world suffering genuine abuse and awful horrors every day. This shouldn't ever be classed on the same level, as it is quite clearly not.

Samantha Booth

Interview Cas Willems

Name Cas Willems
Owner and piercer at Studio One Spirit Collective in Arnhem (NL)

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
No, actually I can't.

How long have you been piercer?
Around 9 years.

Why this profession?
Because there's nothing more beautiful than this. Ever since I was little, I had a fascination on how people express themselves. Over the years I learned more and more about self-expression and the different ways people do that. And from the first time I saw a tattooed and pierced person, I was fascinated by that image and started my adventurous journey in the body modification. This is my passion since childhood and I'm blessed that hard work and perseverance have brought me there where I am now.

How or from whom did you learn the skills?

I spent years searching for a good artist or studio who wanted me and could learn what I was looking for. You need an awful lot of determination, will power, research and need for openmindedness. Because you're never done learning, even in general life. So, this mindset is extremely important: continue to learn, every single day!

The first piercing you did was a ?
Earlobe on a good friend of mine.

Who or what inspires you?
Life and most importantly my family. But as for piercing, the APP (Association of Professional Piercers), and especially it's ex-president Brian Skellie.

Can you tell me something about your studio/workspace?

One Spirit Collective is the brainchild of Swan, Andy and myself. We are a collective of artists working together with one thought, one goal in mind: One Spirit.

Swan is my wife, who works under the name Swandala. She creates art and tattoos mainly in earthy and natural (dotwork) designs.

Andy is our colleague for many years and he works under the name Zafar-One. He makes tight graphics and is really in its own style with psychedelic influences. We were the very first piercing studio in The Netherlands that only worked with internally threaded jewelry. Quality is of paramount importance to us, that reflects in our approach and choices of our jewellery, aftercare products and opinions. Meet us at:

What kind of piercing do you prefer?
The beauty of my job is that no person or placement is the same. And I don't have a favorite piercing, every prick is a new experience and new story.

What's the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and think it would help other starters in this industry?
Advice, I have little but experience I have gained enough. Trust your gut and be open to other approaches and other people's opinion. The moment you no longer accept anything else or think you're done learning, that's the moment you'll find yourself lashing. Learn of every setback and enjoy every victory. Push yourself every day to be better then the day before.

Does your work involve more than just piercing?

I also create geometric works of art, sell quality jewelry and do scarification sporadically.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years older and wiser.

Do you have a tip or do you want to add something to this interview?

You have only one body, take good care of it and treat it with respect. Go for quality, trust your gut and dare to ask.

-Answers and photo's: Cas Willems
-Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 114/October2016

BMXnet 2016

This year it was the 10th Anniversery of BMXnet (Body Modification Network).
Didn't want to miss out. So I catch the train to find myself again in Essen Germany from 8th till 11th september.

Elayne Angel
Four days of seminars, lectures and workshops taught by the best of  the industry, like "successful surface piercing", "Septums, where skill meets luck", "Initial jewelry for a happy and better healing" and much much more.

Pinchy & Bethrah

There was the opportunity to watch or experiencing a suspension provided by "Wings of desire", and in the evenings we were entertained by shows, karaoke, superfly and more.
And you could shop for jewelry, vendors from Trust, Maya, Lovely lobes, Wildcat and more.

Photocredit: Milan Ectric Urinowitsch

My highlights this year: 

To see my fellow volunteers of the APP16 Las Vegas again.

The advantage of BMXnet is that piercings and other treatments can be performed live during a class, and this year I was one of the individuals where everyone could watch while a nape piercing was pierced on me by Luis Garcia. (see video below)

Samppa von Cyborg
And this year I attended a workshop "Tongue Split" given by Samppa von Cyborg. Let's see if my town is ready for it :)

Paul King

And I have yet again enjoyed the lecture given by Paul King. This year  about
"XXX history of piercing in porn"

All in all, learned and gained enough again! still have to find time to work out my notes. and bring my new ideas/techniques in practice.

As a piercer it's so important to experience a conference atleast once, the atmosphere, networking, the ideas,trics and tips you hear or get, only benefits for a better studio and yourself

Education is the key!

Hope to see a grow in my fellow Dutch colleagues next year.
looking forward to BMXnet 2017

Thank you! Luis

Love these guys 💜

Text and photo's: Angie

Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 114/October2016