zaterdag 8 oktober 2016

BMXnet 2016

This year it was the 10th Anniversery of BMXnet (Body Modification Network).
Didn't want to miss out. So I catch the train to find myself again in Essen Germany from 8th till 11th september.

Elayne Angel
Four days of seminars, lectures and workshops taught by the best of  the industry, like "successful surface piercing", "Septums, where skill meets luck", "Initial jewelry for a happy and better healing" and much much more.

Pinchy & Bethrah

There was the opportunity to watch or experiencing a suspension provided by "Wings of desire", and in the evenings we were entertained by shows, karaoke, superfly and more.
And you could shop for jewelry, vendors from Trust, Maya, Lovely lobes, Wildcat and more.

Photocredit: Milan Ectric Urinowitsch

My highlights this year: 

To see my fellow volunteers of the APP16 Las Vegas again.

The advantage of BMXnet is that piercings and other treatments can be performed live during a class, and this year I was one of the individuals where everyone could watch while a nape piercing was pierced on me by Luis Garcia. (see video below)

Samppa von Cyborg
And this year I attended a workshop "Tongue Split" given by Samppa von Cyborg. Let's see if my town is ready for it :)

Paul King

And I have yet again enjoyed the lecture given by Paul King. This year  about
"XXX history of piercing in porn"

All in all, learned and gained enough again! still have to find time to work out my notes. and bring my new ideas/techniques in practice.

As a piercer it's so important to experience a conference atleast once, the atmosphere, networking, the ideas,trics and tips you hear or get, only benefits for a better studio and yourself

Education is the key!

Hope to see a grow in my fellow Dutch colleagues next year.
looking forward to BMXnet 2017

Thank you! Luis

Love these guys 💜

Text and photo's: Angie

Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 114/October2016