zondag 20 september 2015



Piercings improvement you do usually because you like it, to beautify your appearance.
But piercings can also be an improvement. Also, I have a piercing
in order to improve and I was wondering if more piercings are used for improvement rather than just sexually.

Nipple piercing by Angie
Best known is putting piercings in intimate places, which can
promote or even improve your sex life.

Personally, I have a nipple piercing set for a reason.
After I had undergone breast reduction, I suffered from
a flat nipple which was hardly hard, there was
only one tip visible for example in a t-shirt. Now with a piercing I've got two visible nipples.
You can fix a flat or inverted nipple by surgery, but with a piercing, this is not just cheaper but also a sensual solution.

Permanent acupuncture, it has not been proven but there are people who have had a piercing put on the places / points for acupuncture, in order to always maintain  your chi (balance).
For example in the middle of your chest, your ribs, to reduce chronic anxiety attacks. Or the earlobe, to promote weight loss.
Again, it is not proven, but there are "success story's" to find about this.

Tongue piercing as a joystick, a fascinating invention and a tremendous solution for people with high spinal cord injuries to operate their wheelchairs.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 98 mei 2015