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Interview Emmie Velders

Emmie Velders
I'm an entrepreneur in body piercing known as Soesha

Discribe yourself in 1 sentence?
I'am easy to adapt, with a lot of energy and a good sense of humor.

How long have you been piercer?
I have set up my one-man shop in July 2009 as body piercer, after successfully completing my apprenticeship. For me this was the first step towards realizing my dream job.

Why this profession?
Body piercing is for me at a very early age (7 years I think, perhaps earlier) a deep passion. My parents are travelers and preferably of Africa, I also lived as a child (4.5 years in Congo Brazzaville) but we also went to Kenya and Tanzania.
My father always had wonderful books about the continent, where superb photographs and portraits were in there of different ethnic groups with all types of body Modification such as Scarification, Branding, stretching and piercing. Rooted my interest for piercing.
I got earrings when I was 10 years old, on my 16th I got a nose piercing. Also later several earrings in cartilage, on my 18th I took a lip piercing I was obsessed.

How did you learn the trade?

By the book RE/search # 21: Modern Primitives, I saw that the body decorations they do in Africa also been done in the Western world, there it starts. I'm actually more or less a self-taught, I have educated myself in the theory by asking questions, but essentially not to get the answers of who I expected to have or to give , namely professional body piercers. Because it is very difficult to find a training or work to become a piercer I'm actually doing everything independently and learn what I can and then yet without actually doing the Act.

I read magazines about tattoo, piercing and body modification such as Bizarre Magazine, Tattoo Planet, Total Tattoo. I did search/examine the legislation around this in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. I have my FIRST AID diploma, books on anatomy, Physiology and pathology etc.

Through my website I was called by bodycult asking if I wanted to come learn the job with them, of course I seized that opportunity with both hands.
Of whom I have then actually learned to pierce? I think that is actually tricky because I don't feel like I have learned to be a piercer" because learning never stops, I still feel like a rookie, even after 6 years of experience. But I have a apprenticeship done under Claire Eddie at Body cult, and I read and watch a lot about other piercers and try as much as possible to look when I get the chance.

What was your first piercing you pierced ?
As a self-employed person? After my training, the first day that I worked unattended,
I have pierced a helix piercing to a parent (rock 'n roll type). He was a great and very friendly man, I think he got wind that I was nervous I mean, I felt so embarrassed, I remember that my hand was shaking and did breathing exercises that got me quiet again befor I actually put the needle through his cartilage.

Who or what inspires you?
I do not really have an Idol, every day I learn about pioneers in this world and they fascinate me all in a different way. Jim Ward, Fakir Musafar, Elayne Angel, Steve Haworth ... are the big ones, especially the famous of the world, I read a lot of and over them and that inspires me because they are the founders and I would always like to know where something is coming from. Therefore, I also get a lot of inspiration from ethnic groups who use it as standard in their culture. the Maasai, the Fulanis in Nigeria.
Off the top of my head I am now a big fan of Lucas by Pirate Piercing Belgium

Can you tell something about your studio / workplace?
I've been working at Body cult, but at this point I'm looking for a new place together with my mascot Gollum of Lord of the rings, (poor soul is still looking for his ring). He is always there for big and small, laugh or to support to ease the tension of a new piercing.

What kind of piercing do you prefer to do?
The more exactly, the more fun, Septum, cartilage piercings, intimate, surface anchors, but actually I don't really have a favorite, the reaction of the people I have rejoiced with a new piercing does it for me.

What is the best advice you've ever received as a novice piercer, and want to give assistance to other who start in this industry?
Continue to learn, stay yourself. If you don't, you're probably not save in this industry. It really should be your passion, your reason to get up in the morning, or not to be able to sleep at night:

You have a separate story or experience you'd like to share?
Good question: there was once a girl who was so happy with her new piercing that moments later they came back with flowers, another time a woman came up with a message on a greetingcard. Those are things actually not necessary, but of course, it is always very nice to notice that they are happy, and want to thank me that way. But I also got punched in the face by a boy, who came in for a tongue piercing, was no fun, though odd, he got thrown out the studio friendly with his money in his pocket without a new piercing

Does your work involves more than just piercing?
I maintain a website/piercing-info database about body
piercing and I also recently opened a
I work daily at it so that people can find all the right answers to
their questions.

How do you see yourself in five years?
I would like to have my own piercing studio, I dream of an ambulatory studio.
But I play a lot lately with the idea to work in renowned Studios abroad, learning and working with piercers that I admire. Also, I would really like to learn bodymodification, that would be great, and I do like learning

Do you have a tip or want to add something to this interview?
Body piercing is something special, mysterious and so it's a nice kind of craft and that is beautiful. but the downside is that there is a lot of confusion and bad information that can be found on bodypiercings, also the control of the process is limited, but there is the right information but is not for the taking. so piercers and pierced question! second opinion is free
-Answers and photo's: Emmie Velders-
- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 99 juni/juli 2015