donderdag 6 april 2017

Aftercare and internet

After your fresh piercing is done by your piercer you get a bulk of information and aftercare advice with you.

The aftercare is now in your hands! 

Despite your good care, there remains a chance for complications, for example, irritation,  swollen, sensitive or a fluid bump.

Internet is rich in information nowadays, you have many forums and facebook groups where you can find solutions and advice.
You just have to be careful and know that every body is different, and what works properly for one person, can backfire on another.
You can find  tips for inflammation like opinions as contact lens fluid, sterilon, tea tree oil, iodine or betadine, even alcohol.
Again this works maybe for that person, but doesn't always work for you.

This advice will never be given by a professional piercer!

Hygiene and cleaning is of course the main thing, don't forget, only touch your piercing with clean hands. Excessive cleaning can also induce irritation.

Are you a bit ill, stressed, not feeling good or having your period, this can create more sensitivity on your piercing or even redness, rest assured it's temporary. 

When in doubt, redness, swelling or tenderness, please contact your piercer, He or she can look into it and usually by a simple solution or advice will  remove your concerns and problem, without losing your new piercing.

Most recommended method for irritation is a saline solution
Salt solution you can make yourself at home.
Instructions: You can mix ¼ teaspoon of sea salt in an 8 ounce glass (pinch-full of salt in a dixie cup or shot glass) of warm/hot distilled water and hold it over your piercing. Press the cup or glass tight around the piercing and let it soak for five to ten minutes. For those hard to soak areas such as ears and nose piercings, soak a cotton ball in the sea salt water solution and then apply to the pierced area for several minutes.

Then rinse the area off with clean water immediately afterwards to remove any excess sea salt before it crystallizes on the jewellery.
Do not remove the piercing jewelry!

Alternative : you can also buy sterile saline solution, most piercing studios have in stock, or you can get it at the pharmacy, sterile physiological saline solution.

Please note:
-wrong composition can give irritation to your skin
-Again this solution may not work on everybody, each body is different!
-Go to a reputable piercer! be well informed

Always see your piercer  and if necessary, he/she will redirect you to a doctor .

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Photos and text: Angie
-Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 120/April 2017