vrijdag 18 september 2015

Modern body piercing

Modern Body Piercing

Nowadays body piercing is considered as a form of personal expression. Almost everyone has in some way increased their body appearance, for self-esteem or quality. The phenomenon is so pervasive that housewives, policemen and school teachers  wears a tongue, navel, nipple or other piercing (though you never know, if they not tell.) Millions of people are already pierced, and countless more are thinking about taking a piercing or have relatives, colleagues or friends  with piercings.

Multiple piercings
Today piercing is much more than just a ring through the earlobe,  where there is  a bit folding, flap of skin sitting, it's just waiting for a piercing. There are many places possible for a piercing, so many choices of jewelry, sizes and materials, and different sorts of piercing modification.
Multiple piercings in the body may look wrong in the eyes of the society, but people bring the art of piercing increasingly to extreme levels, which have never been exhibited before. Body piercing belongs to the group of Tattooing, Scarification, Branding and other body art. These groups are referred to Body Modification.
Body modification
Translation: Changing one's body in order to beautify or better it, Adorn ... Personally, I find the word "body beautification" better and sounds better, translated into Dutch!
This word doesn't sound weird  as "body modifications". Because in most cases, it decorate your body by improving, art or a piece of jewelry. Body Modification, has been performed for centuries by culture, tradition and religion.

Under Body Modification "deliberately altering one's physical appearance," most people think in the sense of tattoos and piercings, but also bodybuilding and cosmetic surgery is covered by the word, which rarely society finds as shocking.

Piercing and tattoos, are generally well accepted in this time, tattooed arm or an earring is the most common, shocking and taboo still is if it is put in other places than usual.
Branding and scarification is considerably less popular than tattoos, yet it is becoming more common, and offered in more studios.
A tattoo is more about the art of the artist, in a Scarification or branding it is more about the result after healing, everyone's skin is different and heals differently.
Implants, not only known as cosmetic surgery such as breast implants, there are studio's who  offers this service to  place an object under the skin, genital beads  are the most common but also micro dermals . Nowadays tremendous progress is here and has becoming increasingly popular.
Hardcore Modification falls under the ear pointing, tongue splitting and genital modifications. The unusual modification performed by the true lovers of Body Modification.

Rolf Buchholz, Guinness book of
record holder most piercings

Beautifying has been around as long as man lives with his rich and fascinating history. And  despite the social contempt on modifications, even the most varied styles, it is becoming more acceptable every day. Behind the execution of these treatments it is constantly being perfected and refined by the concerned professional artists.
Through the associations and meetings, the education promotes the artists to learn new techniques and skills, provide customers with better information about the risks, benefits and healing and the best way to safely obtain the desired modification.
In this way, new ideas and techniques reality, traditionally adapted and perfected.

But if you look at today's society is that almost everyone has some kind of form of Body Modification.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 95 februari 2015