zondag 20 september 2015

I want a piercing

I want a piercing

Before you get a piercing, there are a few things you should consider and pay attention to. First, you need thoroughly thought through your decision to get a piercing and even the place of the piercing. Because when you have the piercing, what will  your area think of it, your parents, friends, family. Can you wear this piercing at work?, what are the regulations  at work? or are you still a student, think about applying for jobs later in life. Piercings give scars!
Legally, you may  have a piercing at the age of 12 ( Holland), with the consent and presence of a parent or guardian. Under 12 years only the  earlobe piercing is allowed. Yet most piercing studio's have their own rules and pierce only from the age of  14  or 16 years, intimate piercings are  legally allowed from the age of 18 in Holland.

How to find a piercing shop?
Just like taking a tattoo, it is  wisely to look carefully at who you let you pierce. Does this shop work Hygienic, do they work with good materials, keeps the studio clean, do they work sterile, on www.veiligtattoeerenenpiercen.nl you will find a list of studios with a permit.
On the internet you can find the most shops in your area, most  will have a website where you can find all information about the shop. You can view photos, read reviews etc. The more extensive the website, the more you discover about the shop and the way they work.
The disadvantage of the internet is, if you seek further about piercings you get videos and stories to good but mostly about bad experiences. This can sometimes deter, or give you even more anxiety to get a piercing. It's  important that you consider whether you go to a reputable piercer or just a piercer. It is your body!

Once you have made the choice about the kind of piercing, the place of your piercing and which shop you let it done, it is wise to prepare before, drink no alcohol, make sure you are fit, a small snack pre the procedure will help reduce dizziness occurs afterwards.
Comfortable clothing if you want to be pierced under your clothes, make sure it is not too tight or if there is a belt in the way.

A piercer will always tell you in advance the necessary information and will answer all your questions, you also have to sign a consent form. It is important that you feel at ease,
When nervous the piercer will talk  you at ease. Piercer will not pierce you without your consent, be clear if you do not agree with the position of the drawn dot. Consult with the piercer, and be prepared that some piercings can not be done, every body is different also in shape, anatomy. The piercer will explain everything step by step what he / she is going to do for the piercing. During and after the piercing you get advice, and you receive a form with  aftercare.
It is now up to you to take care of your piercing, hygiene is of great importance, follow the aftercare guidelines to enjoy your new piercing long.
Your piercer will be available after for contact, when you have questions or troubleshooting about the piercing.

- Published in Tattoo Planet Magazine 96 maart 2015