donderdag 3 maart 2016

Interview Aiden Johnson


Aiden Johnson
Name: Aiden Johnson
Adorn, Shrewsbury, (UK)

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
Driven, passionate and technical minded.

How long have you been a piercer?

5 years

Why this profession?
I got my first piercing at 16 (Helix in right ear) and knew straight away that I wanted to be a piercer. It then took me 7 years to find a way into the industry.

How or from who did you learn your skills?
From my best friend and partner Anna Garvey

The first piercing you did was a?
High lobe on Anna Garvey

Who or what inspires you the most?
The history of how piercing came from tribal to modern industry inspires me to try to be the best I can be.

Can you tell me something about your workplace/studio?
We have a great team of people that all aim to give the best we can to our clients. That ranges from jewellery and procedure through to customer service and environment. We all strive to have a clean, pleasant and welcoming environment for anyone who comes through the door.

Which piercing do you prefer  to do?
I love piercing genitals. They are a very technical area to pierce and I love to be challenged.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and you think it would help other starters in this industry?
To make sure you get into piercing for the love of it. Expect to earn little money and to work long hours with minimal social life. Also to make sure to get an apprenticeship from a reputable piercer that can instill the importance and history of what we do in you.

Do you have a nice or weird experience as a piercer you want to share with us? 
I think my favourite ever piercing experience would be piercing a MTF transgender client. Their wife came in first to check out the studio and ensure that we would be nice people. Then when the client came in they told me how they had had extensive facial recontructive surgery and were worried that they wouldn't be able to get ear lobe piercings. After an anatomy check I was happy to do the piercings and the client was super happy with the finished result. They hugged me and thanked me for being such a nice person and making them feel comfortable and welcome. It is moments like that where I can help someone achieve so much happiness that makes my job.

Does your work involve more then just piercing?
As well as basic piercing I also offer scarification, magnet implants, NFC implants, microdermal anchors, genital piercing and large gauge punching. I am also the studio Manager and the Treasurer for the UKAPP so I am always very busy!

How do you see yourself in 5 years?
Living with Anna Garvey and our 2 dogs in the house we are currently building.
Still working at Adorn and still piercing.

Do you have any last words of advice or do you want to add to this interview?
Never have a 'That's good enough' attitude. Always strive to be better and do the best you can in all walks of life.

-Answers and Photos: Aiden Johnson
-Published Tattoo Planet E Magazine 105/Januari 2016

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