dinsdag 1 maart 2016

Report BMXnet

BMXnet is a great non profit organisation who focus there work as consumer protection, information and helpdesk to the body modification industries customers, and by that they try to do there part in public health and education for a better, cleaner and professional Industry.

Education and the availability of information has always improved different parts of our daily life and it is about time to do that to the whole spectrum of body modification. The goal is that regulations are made with a sense of proportion and that the industry will be involved in this.
To reach all that goals one of our main instruments is the yearly conference we do bring body modification professionals ( tattooist, piercers and so on) together to share, learn and get updated.

Next to this main mission, we want to develop and maintain the cultural aspects of body modification. To bring ancient rites like suspension,Kavadi and so on to the modern aspects of sterile and hygienic approved procedures.

Last September 2015, finally, my first BMXnet conference experience!
An annual recurring event which this year was held for the 9th time on a perfect location in Essen Germany The :"Unperfekthaus".
4 days of seminars, lectures, advice, information and discussions about various aspects of this industry. Surprised at the amount of people who came from so many corners of the world to be at the conference. And made this 4 days one big family, no one looks down on you, consider you as equal whether you are novice or professional worker for years.

As a newcomer I have greatly enjoyed this event and learned and met alot.
Classes that were given by professionals as A.P.P. and A.P.T.P.I. members, experts in Hygiene and other professional artists who wanted to share with us their experience and or investigations. 

After a full  day of classes we were entertained with shows in the evening among other "Superfly Suspension Crew", "Coco Katsura", "pain solution" and others.
Also workshops, and on the roof of the building you could attend or experience suspensions.
On the last day, there were vendors with quality jewelry and  at the end of the day you get a certificate with the described classes that you had attended.
Very sure this is an annual outing for me, not only for  all the information but also for the sheer fun that this event brings.

BMXnet conference 8-11 september 2016
www.bmxnet. org

Stefan- Organisation

This is the 9th BMXnet, Do you see a growth? 
Small growth, not much, but the larger group you find after their first time they come back year after yearat the Conference

How do you see the BMXnet over 5 years?   
We have reached our goal already achieved by a platform where people can network. As non profit organization, we are not out on growth, though we want to grow organically.

Ryan Ouelette-APP-Pricision Body arts
Brian Skellie-President APP-Piercers.com

What is your impression about this event?
: it is actually the same as the annual Vegas APP Convention only you see  more compatriots. Here it's really an amalgamation of different countries. You meet many people and learn that every one is working in there own way, which we also learn from.

Rolf Buchholz-Dortmund (D) 
Guiness book of record holder, most piercings

BMXnet is one of his favorite event on his list to visit,
not for the seminars, because he works for a German telecom company.
Purely to meet people, the shows and his great hobby suspension

Jose Carlos-Piercer Madrid (Spain)
Here for the 5th or 6th time, am not sure:) it feels like family.
I like to come, share information, meet friends, interesting seminars
Also visited the APP in Vegas 2 times.

Sabrina (piercabella)-Piercer-Tübingen (D)
Sheila-Noelle-Piercer & tattoo artist-Switzerland

Sabrina: for all those nice people to meet, making contacts,
and for the information and seminars.
Sheila: My highlight of the BMXnet, my first suspension! and also to the information of the seminars, meeting people.

-Photos by Angie
-Published Tattoo Planet E Magazine 102 Oktober 2015