woensdag 2 maart 2016

Report Scarification class


I always want to learn more. At my studio, not only do I piercings but also provide tattoo removal, hair removal by IPL, permanent make-up and I have a freelance tattoo artist who comes in once or twice a month to tattoo for a day. And to expand my studio and knowledge, I signed up for Scarification seminar.

August 8th 2015, I attended the seminar for Scarification in Amsterdam and the seminar was given by Wayde Dunn. (I didn't meet the legend Ron due to cancelation unfortunately)

Here I was again at Classic Ink And Mods, with 2 other girls. Wayde is from Australia and did a great job teaching us. He took the time to explain the different aspects of scarification. It was very interesting, especially the parts on different types of healing, results and I was fascinated about the outcome of ones scarification.

After the theory, it was time to practice. One of the students, Jennifer, was our 'victim'. Because of my previous job, I was used to cut people, only deeper, so I like to say it again: I'm sorry Jennifer :) My first try out was a little to deep, but after a while I got the hang of it and Jennifer was pleased with the outcome of her new fish scar.

It really was great meeting Wayde and the other students and I'll be back for the advanced class for sure!

After I got all the gear for practice.
I found some friends, willing to be my victims. Before I wanted to offer this in my studio, I needed to master the skill.

So, I started on myself. It's a weird feeling, working on inside of my lower leg with a wolf print. My mom came by, and told me I was nuts, but in the end did like the outcome.

I wasn't pleased myself, some scars were too wide, others too thin. But hey, that's the point! To learn and keep practicing.

So now it was my friends turn (evil grin). I did a chest piece of an eagle, swastika on a leg and hearts on an arm. I have to say, it wasn't bad. Not fully 100% satisfied but good enough. And now I keep track on all of them, to see how they heal up.

Special thanks to Cor, Tom and Nel, to be brave enough and be my victims! And since I'm really enjoy doing it, let's hope this small town is ready for it.

New hobby
It may sound weird, but because of the scarification, I found myself a new hobby. While studying scarification (online), you also see brandings popping up.  Very interesting and to see the different way it can be used, I got myself a 'Peter Brenn Junior' kit! Don't worry, it's not for the body, but for wood. But it is a craft I like to learn as hobby at home :)

done by me

Photos Angie