zondag 16 juni 2019

24th annual association of professional Piercing conference

 May 12-17 Las Vegas

Since I was an Al.D Scholar in 2016, I got my first taste of this conference, amazing, big, awesome, well organized, great team..... it left me with a huge impression, striking experience.
So, back full with knowledge and energy boost, I decided I wanted to be part of that every year.
But still, being a small studio owner, low volume, it's hard to get there on your own.

I had my scholarship in 2016, and so happy for the help. Scholarships are so important, especially for people who want to come, but struggle. It's good to see that the amount of scholarships are growing. So more people can have a chance to attend.

Due to my daughters ilness, I  put the planning aside.
Now that she is doing better, I took the plunge and bought flighttickets.

Finally, I was there again 3 years later. A bit proud, on myself that I did it without help/scholarship.

This year conference was held in  Planet Hollywood for the first time. Must say I like this place better instead of Bally's.

Again it was incredible, reunite with Caitlin again :) and my volenteer family
From friday on, the hotel slowly started to fill up with beautifull and amazing people all with the same passion. Conecting with new and old friends. Networking with peers from over the world.

From monday till friday you could follow classes, seminars, tours and some workshops
classes like: " Safe practices in piercing room", " mentoring aprentices" basic and advanced lip, nipples, nostrils, ears techniques, anatomy above and below the neck, different tips advice about jewelery, marketing and much much more to choose from.

On teusday the expo openend, around 50 vendors in one hall, showing there beautiful new lines of jewelry, showcases and aftercare products. a real walhalla for us piercers.

You also could visit  the exhibit of Fakir Musafar, over 2000 square feet staged with his original iconic images and items, with different tourguys to choose from, friends and colleagues shared there own stories about him while walking around at the exhibit. No tour was the same.

On monday evening the opening poolparty, thursday evening the closing party and in between evenings, you had gamenights, or Forum groups, and vendors organizing parties you could go to. or just walk around and meet others at the bar.
A week with no dull moment from the time you woke up till bed time.

After conference I had the oppertunity to visit some studios as LAink, vaughn body art, Cold Steel america and Industrial tattoo and piercing

 I also visit Anatomatal, and Barry gave me a tour around. Thank you for that, (soon more about Anatometal on the blog!)
And afcourse this came along with a roadtrip, which I loved.

So much to see / visit, so little time.......

Yes, back home again, full with a new energy boost, putting all the knowledge into practice, and looking forward to next year....I wish, hope, saving up....who knows

Photos: Angie