woensdag 6 april 2016



I've received BIG news!!!
So big, that makes me wanna stand on a roof top and shout (as we say in Dutch!)

This little Dutch girl is going to Vegas!!!!

I am one of the (Lucky) chosen ones who received a scholarship for attending the 21st APP conference in Vegas!

After a nerve-wracking month, going through several rounds, I got the call from Caitlin yesterday with the question: "Do you want to go to Vegas?" Didn't even say goodbye at the end of the conversation, I was just stunned!

I can't express my happiness right now in writing, but I'm jumping up and down, dancing and can't get rid of my big smile.

Being able to meet you guys in person now, shake your hand and say thank you in person to the ones who shared there stories with me. Getting the opportunity to learn more, hear more and to speak with more!!!

Can't wait to  get my hands on some fine jewelry and I promise you a big report with a lot of photos!

Thank you so much APP, for giving out the scholarships! It's such a blessing, especially for the ones overseas.

Overwhelmed by joy, I leave you for now
Thank you