maandag 1 augustus 2016

Interview Hetty van Dorp

Hetty van Dorp
Name: Hetty van Dorp
Manager/Piercer Body Design in Gent (B)

Can you describe yourself in one sentence?
Professional, inventive and fascinated.

How long have you been piercer?  18 years

Why this profession?
After the training interior architecture (Rotterdam Art Academy) and many trips later I ended up in Ghent. Here I met Tanne, she was a partime tattoo artist for over 3 years. With the art of body painting I grew a fascination to piercings. A social job where confidence is important, and where I also have an advisory role: every human being is unique. Eventually we decided to join forces and together in 1999 we opened our studio Body design.

How or from whom did you learn the skills?The basics I learned from a piercer from Antwerp. Through independent study and many contacts with fellow piercers in the Netherlands and abroad (e.g. Miranda of Rotterdam), I  further specialized. In 2002: I followed all seminars from the APP and read The Point. To this day, I still learn.

The first piercing you did was a?
"the first piercings I've put on myself. Just on my leg. I wanted to feel the difference between fast and slow pricks and try out certain techniques. This strategy I give to each pupil piercer. " 

Who or what inspires you? Fakir Musafar (us) and the way he deals with Body modification. This 85 year old master at an early age began to experiment at a time when no one had heard of piercings in the Western world. He continues his boundaries purely out of fascination about his own body.

Can you tell something about your studio/workspace?

Body design (1999) is set in a historic building on the Nederkouter, Centre of Ghent. We are currently working with 4  tattooists, 2 piercers and a store manager. We also have  regularly guest tattoo artists visiting.

 What kind of piercing do you prefer?
 I do like challenges. Each ear  is unique, so are the possibilities, each person is differently. Also people with inverted nipples I'll be happy to help.

What's the best piece of advice you ever got when you started out and think it would help other starters in this industry?
The best advice I can give is: give clear advice to every customer. Be communicative and informative and of course: hygiene, creativity and aftercare are necessary.

Do you have a nice or weird experience as a piercer you want to share with us?
A customer with a mole on the tip of his nose asked if I could put a dermal anchor in to camouflage. He was determined and I spent half an hour to get him to explain why this is not a good idea ☺

Does your work involve more then just piercing?Piercer and Managing Director of Body design are my main activities.
Also branding (scarification) and body paint are specialties.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?Future alterations to our ship gives us the opportunities to start teaching. Also a private practice is an option.

Do you have a tip or do you want to add something to this interview? 
Read the body,  it's a different story everytime

Body Design
Nederkouter 34, 9000 Gent

Answers and photo's: Hetty van Dorp
Published Tattoo Planet eMagazine 112/august 2016